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Just all attention for yourself. Discover the benefits of a massage and body work. You experience that time seems to stand still for a while.

Do you need relaxation? Do you have stress from work? Or suffer from pain after exercise? During a massage there is all the attention for you and you come closer to yourself. At body work you investigate what is going on in you and come into closer contact with your inner universe.

On this site you will find news, information about massage forms and answers are given to frequently asked questions asked questions.

Weekend with workshops for men with Mischa van Dullemen and Tijs Breuer

I invite you to experience what massage and bodywork can do with you. You discover yourself, you feel more free and relaxed!

Tijs Breuer

Tijs is a masseur, life coach and owner of Neptune Well-being.

"I am classically trained, but also work with various modern forms and techniques of massage. My most important starting point is presence, peace and attention. In addition, I exchange firmness and sensuality, tailored to your needs. "


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Most of the photos on my site have been made by Michael Hooper.


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2 thoughts about "massage and body work"

  1. Today I had a Tantra massage from Tijs.
    What a warm loving appearance that man has !!
    He releases a lot more than just the muscles.
    I have experienced this massage as very positive.
    An experience richer and worth repeating.
    Tijs is really a masseur with attention for his client.
    Just TOP.

  2. I have now received a number of tantra massages from Tijs.
    Every time it was an amazing experience.
    Tijs is very patient and loving. He alternates a firm massage with a gentle touch. I feel relaxed after the sessions, and the muscles are loose again.
    Since I do these sessions, I have considerably fewer back problems.
    Really super. Thank you Tijs

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